Hilton Township  

If you’re driving along the Trans Canada in Northern Ontario and see the sign  “St. Joseph Island”, take the time to turn off the main highway and do some exploring!

Cruise along some freshly groomed snowmobile trails; enjoy our pure Island maple syrup or bike down an autumn coloured road.   If you’re a hunter, think about taking part in the spring wild turkey or fall archery/rifle deer hunts.

Whether you choose to visit on a seasonal basis or live with us year-round, we guarantee a satisfying escape from the hectic pace of big-city living.  Come and discover us.  We love making new friends!!




Welcome to Hilton Township


The Township of Hilton is one of four municipalities on St. Joseph Island, located in the channel connecting Lake Huron and Lake Superior. The Island is approximately an 8 hour drive from Toronto, Ottawa and Detroit. It can be reached by travelling the Trans Canada Highway and taking the toll-free bridge at the intersection of Hwy 17 East and Hwy 548.

The Township of Hilton covers an area of approximately 116km2 and is located on the south-eastern section of the Island. The Township is considered a rural community with some small hobby type farms but is comprised mainly of single family homes. The residents turn to the hamlets of Richards Landing and the Village of Hilton Beach and the nearby City of Sault Ste. Marie (45 minute drive) for essential services such as banking, groceries, gas, shopping.
Hilton Township is made up of a total of 754 properties including 116 permanent households and 237 seasonal households. Approximately 63% of the permanent homes are located inland while 77% of the seasonal homes are situated on the water. The remaining properties are comprised of many 100 acre vacant parcels that serve as hunting properties or managed forest lots.
We currently have a permanent population of 261 (Year 2011) with an age breakdown as follows: 0 – 20 years: 9%; 21 – 50 years: 27%; 51 – 65 years: 39%; 65 years and over: 25%. During the summer months, this population figure increases by almost 300 seasonal residents.
The Township of Hilton continues to grow as a popular location for summer residences. It offers a scenic, quiet escape for nearby urban residents, as well as, an annual vacation destination for many U.S. and European travellers.  




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