Roads Department

Getting you from here to there

There are 65 km of municipal roads located within the Township of Hilton. Surface treated roads make up almost 60% with gravel roads making up the remainder.

The Township employs a Road Superintendent, who is responsible for the grading, plowing and overall maintenance of these roads. During the summer months, a part-time laborer is hired to assist with road construction projects.

The Township owns and operates a 1995 Caterpillar 140 Grader, a 1994 Caterpillar 307 Excavator, a John Deere Tractor with Mower Attachments, and a 2019 Sterling Plowtruck to carry out its maintenance responsibilities.

In addition to municipal roads, part of the provincial secondary Highway 548, encircles Hilton Township. The Ministry of Transportation is responsible for the maintenance of this highway.

The municipality’s long term goal is to surface treat (pave) more municipal roads. At a current day cost of approximately $40,000 per kilometre, the dollars involved are significant so achieving this goal will take some time. On an annual basis, the Township Council reviews and updates a Five Year Road Construction and Maintenance Plan along with its Asset Management Plan to ensure decisions made reflect the best use of our tax payers’ dollars.